Mining ERT / ESO & Fire Service Provision

Mining ERT / ESO & Fire Service Provision

Emergency Rescue Team & Emergency Security Officer Manning, Replacement and Provision


  • ERT & Fire Service Standard Operating Procedures
  • ERT & Fire Service Safe Working methods
  • ERT & Fire Service Recruitment Strategies (Inc. local and Indigenous)
  • Smoking in the Workplace Policy and Strategies
  • ERT & Fire Service Hot Fire Training Plans
  • ERT & Firefighters Training Manuals (designed around our vehicles, equipment and processes- one standard to abide by)
  • ERT & Firefighters Study Manuals (be reassured the team are up to speed with underpinning knowledge)
  • ERT Training Schedule – skills maintenance program
  • ERT Vehicle & Equipment Schedule – Vehicle & Equipment maintenance program
  • Station Routines
  • ERT Rosters
  • Toolbox talks: on Fire Safety at work and in the home (assists HSE)
  • Children’s Activity Books – Themed: fire safety in the home with your company’s name and logo on it
 We will help you meet your duty of care, your health & safety requirements by having a sound Safety Management System for your ERT or Fire Service