Endorsements & Feedback

On this page we give you the opportunity to obtain and browse feedback, comments and reaction from our previous and current clientele and customers.

Feedback obtained from businesses and patrons who in their own right, command a high degree of recognition, trust, respect or awareness amongst their peers and industry.

By obtaining these independent opinions and recognitions we do hope it helps you understand the importance we have set on maintaining and driving industry standards and behaviours.

At Risk and Emergency, we pride ourselves in being influencers, advocates and standard bearers of our enterprise – we do not follow nor imitate.  Instead we take gratification that others follow our lead `imitation is the greatest and sincerest form of flattery` We welcome the attempts at creating `like` it is an implicit way of paying us a compliment, for that we give thanks.

 Characteristics of Industry Leaders

Industry Leaders are those brands, products or companies that are given high respect and recognition for their real-experiences, authenticity and innovations in the industry. Industry leaders are genuine and `dare you to compare` – not price but service and deliverables. To get the job, any professional can undercut us `Specialists`.

By being `First Movers’ Risk and Emergency influences industry behaviour, we shape and impact `who, how and why` to enable clients higher service. We are always the company that comes to the market first with unique products or outstanding service.

If you a client thats in the market, then please`dare to compare` us before you sign with the second best providers – in one informed chat you`ll realise what they are not telling you.

What others think of our unique service.

“I describe Dean Hawkins and his company Risk and Emergency to be: a honest, trusted and principle source of information, that understands target market and audience, Risk and Emergencies key employees are known experts. We engaged Risk and Emergency and Dean Hawkins as we saw them as recognized consistently within programs at industry events, they have a renowned and acknowledged presence.” – Tuan Nordisham Bin Tuan Hussain CEFS RESPONSE Petronas Petrochemical Industrial Complex

“I have the honour of working with Dean Hawkins from Risk and Emergency for several years now. The exposure and working environments is both our businesses are very unique, as they are very different.  Having operated in several countries, and seen Risk and Emergency do the same, I know that it takes a special skill set to be able to take solutions, apply them and a make them work in overseas environments. The key to their success is the ability to work with a wide variety of countries, cultures and populations, by bringing the highest of standards and making them work for the greater good. It is the appreciation of, and dedication, to those Dean and Risk and Emergency serves that creates successful outcomes in consulting, training and solutions-based approaches taken. With Risk and Emergency, you are in the best company when it comes to making positive change and the differences that count.” – Gavin Torrens Anodyne Australia Pty Ltd

“Many corporate motivators deliver theories of management. However well researched, they are sometimes lacking in practical application. Dean Hawkins speaks eloquently from the heart and from the fire-front of experience, offering useful insights that can be applied equally to professional teams and personal life. His earthy and passionate approach really strikes a chord.”  – Julian Smith Diamond Protection Pty Ltd

“I welcome the opportunity to thank Dean and Risk and Emergency for their ongoing services and engagement to our Emergency Response function and team. The adaptability in provision of standards to our indigenous crews has been well above previous providers, the extra time and effort dedicated to our understanding is appreciated; more importantly it now shows in our response capability and enthusiasm. Well done R&E” – Mike Taylor Emergency Services Supervisor – PNG Oil Search Limited

“I believe and know Dean of Risk and Emergency to be an Emergency Management and Response thought leader. He is a known authority on Fie Emergency Department, Innovation techniques, Indigenous training and leadership.” – Manager NAC Airport

“Risk and Emergency is an enthusiastic and sound provider of Fire and Rescue service; across Urban, Industrial and Aviation Fire departments. They are an energetic, proven and useful training organisation that understands the need for developing homegrown talent. Our preferred supplier” – Cambodia Airports Manager

“I wish to thank Dean Hawkins and Risk and Emergency for the expertise and on-the-ball engagement with our overseas clients, you guys are truly the specialists that stand out.”

If your considering providers, you can’t go past Risk and Emergency for unique and valiant service, make the comparison, you will be delighted in the results”

– Craig Hooper Director: Operational Health

“Apart from Risk and Emergencies immense experiences in Fire and Rescue Management, Response, they have also proven abilities in Challenging Work, Organization Encouragement, and Work Group Support. They have provided us a sound service in innovative work place leadership practices that have proven results.” – Adam at Vortel Industries Asia