Security & Protection

Look no further than our  Security & Protection to protect your people, business operations and assets. Prevention is a best business practice and major factor in maintaining overall protection.

Our Security alliances has built a solid reputation for outstanding service to Australian and worldwide businesses and industry. Our business ethos is to build long term partnerships with our clients by providing a value based security service offer.

Risk & Emergency has affiliations and collaborations that collectively provides a wide range of security service solutions nationally spanning overall industry segments. As an ISO accredited company (ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001) in Quality, Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Management Systems, our provider ensures quality and safety throughout the entire process.

Our Security provider is a professional company which offers clients a variety of security services that consistently works to meet budgetary requirements.

The execution of any contract, task, operation or job is carefully planned and discussed, a proposal, and a solution is then presented for client consideration and input, we are a stakeholder in what you do. .

Our Security Partners and their Personnel  have vast experiences as managers working at various levels (Site Inspection Manager, Guard Operations Manager, Night Security On Call Manager, CIT Manager, Accounts Manager and Director Owner), who will provide assistance to ensuring that your security operates at a level, you the client, would expect―24hrs 7 days a week.

A key to our success is the right culture, the right people and the right support. From guarding duties to highly specialised security operations, R&E is the right choice when it comes to protecting your people, contractors and assets.

All male and female security officers are licensed in accordance with individual State and Territory statutory requirements.

Resource & Marine Sectors

Our Security Providers provision to the mining sector has proven to be a critical control measure in relation to employee, contractor and visitor management, emergency evacuation accountability and to ensure that safety values are instilled before access to a mine is granted. The ability to maintain the provisions of any safety management system can be constantly challenging and time consuming.

Risk & Emergency’s partners are specialists in Maritime Security and are ideally placed and equipped to provide a comprehensive range of MTOFSA compliant security services.

We know the legislation in detail and in full – we know the MTOFSA and DoTaRs (now Office of Transport Security [OTS]) processes and requirements.

Risk & Emergency’s partners management and staff know the industry, having successfully managed security operations at key Australian ports around the country. We offer custom-made security protection solutions regardless of your size, scale or location.

Risk & Emergency’s partners offers a full complement of maritime security legislative compliant services to ports, port facilities and port service providers across Australia.

Aviation Services

Risk & Emergency can provide practical and effective protection services to the aviation industry including personnel and equipment.

R&E`s dedicated aviation personnel provide aviation security services including:

  • Airside and Construction site access control
  • Airside vehicle patrols and escort duties
  • Airside escort services for controlled areas
  • Passenger screening
  • Special Event Zone guarding
  • Landside Perimeter Patrols
  • Vehicle inspections
  • EIA (Enhanced Inspection Area) Screening
  • Static Guarding
  • ADA and ASIC escorting and;
  • Related aviation training

The depth of knowledge amongst our staff, together with their hands on experience ensure compliance with the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004, Aviation Security Regulations 2005 and Aviation Screening Notice 2013. We are experienced with various Airport Transport Security Plans and Screening Programs as they apply the legislation to the local environment.

Provision of services is in accordance and compliance with all relevant and current Australian Standards, including but not limited to:

  • AS4421:2011 Guard and Patrol Security Services
  • AS4806.1-2006 Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Part 1 Management & Operation
  • AS2201 Intruder Alarm Systems
  • AS3745:2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities
  • AS31000:2009 Risk Management Principles and Guidelines
  • Work Health & Safety Act
  • AS5050:2010 Business Continuity

Services available:

  • Parking enforcement
  • Security escorts
  • Gatehouse operations
  • Unlock and lock up
  • Access control
  • Building Concierge
  • Control Room Monitoring of computerised alarms and CCTV
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Administration duties including Incident Reporting
  • Customer Service
  • Security teams for major events
  • Industrial Skills training
  • Foot & Vehicle patrols
  • Access Control / CCTV / Alarms
  • Industrial Skills training
  • First Aid training
  • Safety training
  • Risk Audits and Risk Management Plan
  • Emergency Management Plans
  • Quality Plan (consistent with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS/NZS 4801 and ISO 31000 as applicable
  • Compilation of Standing Operating Procedures
  • Workplace Health & Safety Management Plan
  • Environmental Management Plan
  • OH & Safety Solutions
  • Security teams
  • Desktop training exercises
  • Compilation of Standing Operating Procedures
  • 24/7 patrols (by foot / vehicle) of facilities and other locations

We can provide in Australasia, off shore or at any remote location world wide…