Create a deeper understanding with  e-Learning resources

Risk & Emergency is a consultancy specialising in the delivery of World Class E Learning training. We also provide  strategic solutions and value adding services to the Industrial, Aviation, and Urban Firefighting industry worldwide.

We are the number one provider in the World, of Open University Style Training for Emergency Response Courses.  We provide an  online Moodle E learning site, style that utilizes video modules  with embedded short answer style theory questions after each video module, until the student has completed their respective theory aspect of a course(s.

This can be achieved in the privacy of their home or on site at on shift  24/7. Once the theory ( e learning ) has been achieved, the student or large client indicates when they are available for the practical training and examination at their site or one of our select RTOs Australia wide.

Check out some course module examples and the intro to E learning video at the link provided here , plus some great feedback from students  (15) Risk and Emergency – YouTube

We offer full qualification courses or skills maintenance courses. The skills maintenance course(s) has our own World First,  built in  E Tracker that a client, supervisor or higher management can log in 24/7 x 365 to see where there employees are at  any given time with their courses.  This gives the best solution for audit purposes and makes reporting of site skills maintenance, very easy to show in many graphics display styles.

Risk and Emergency have drawn together a team of specialists who have extensive collective experience, coming from multiple industries including Military, Full time Fire and Rescue services Worldwide , ESO and Paramedical Industries, all types Mining ERT and the Aviation Industry.

We work  together with Australia’s best RTOs, to develop and deliver a competency-based training framework with identified performance deliverables to measure effectiveness and assure competence to the Australian Skills Quality Authority framework, WorkSafe Australia and Australian/New Zealand standards.

Goodbye boring PowerPoints. Hello 100% engagement.