Fire Bombing – Arial Strategic Wildfire Controlled Burns

Aerial Incendiary Operations are used to conduct landscape controlled burns in problematic terrain where access is difficult. Every year throughout Australia there are successful and effective, these are regularly carried out by government departments, property-owners and traditional landowners, utilising aerial bombing via rotary wing aircraft.

The incendiary devices mostly used in Australia contain Potassium Permanganate (Condi’s crystals) and a measured percentage of glycol and water mix. These incendiaries are mostly dispersed from a helicopter – however Risk and Emergency are now in the development phase, matchlessly moving towards utilising cost effective drones: these two approaches permit a more precise deployment and placement of Aerial Incendiary Devices (AIDs).

Our trainers and operators are acquainted with prescribed burning techniques and understand integrate wildfire prevention or firebreak creation with ecological outcomes, they are also uniquely qualified in Public Safety units.

  • Respond to Wildfire & Suppress Wildfire

Risk and Emergency can:

  1. Train your staff to deploy and use Aerial Incendiary Devices via

                – Working Safely Around Aircraft

                – Operate Arial Ignition Equipment in an Aircraft


  1. Arrange a professional Aerial Incendiary Operations Team to do the job for you.
  • The operations team fly a pre-arranged flight plan in which to drop the incendiary devices.  An on-ground support crew provide observation/ inspection and feedback to the aircraft crew.
  • All aircraft and aerial incendiary devices and staff qualifications ensure Civil Aviation Security Authority provisions and are qualified accordingly.