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Our consultants and trainers specialise in the planning and execution of risk management, emergency management, ICAO and CASA regulation, also can plan and carry out training programs at various levels.

Our clients are typically from fire departments, airports, fire services, resource & mining and heavy industry in the fields of airport management, policy implementation, fire fighting, rescue, government, mining, industrial, petroleum, security and medical commercial sectors.

We have extensive experience in the development and delivery of strategic and operational policy in the risk management, and emergency management fields.

We also have wide-ranging commercial consulting experiences in the corporate sector, which comes after having held key government positions, which has entailed international, national and state emergency management arrangements.

We have been involved in key strategic projects such as the development of the Queensland’s Counter Terrorism Plan and State Disaster Management Plan, along with additional experiences at the ground level of implementation and operational execution of disaster plans; i.e. cyclone that devastated Innisfail North Queensland.

Risk & Emergency`s offers a wide range of accredited training courses where, using the Training Skills Matrix, we are able to accurately record all the training conducted in order to ensure that all participants’ certifications are up-to-date.

On a regular basis, the training requirements are reviewed to ensure that any refresher or updates where required are provided as part of the re-certification process. As part of the review, we assess the effectiveness of the training by analyzing training performance and evaluations, training instructor analysis, training gap analysis and moderation.

A comprehensive list of the training courses on offer from Risk & Emergency`s is included on this website. Risk & Emergency`s is currently planning to expand and offer additional training services in the coming months.

We are in the process of being the first in industry to developing online courses across most of our courses.

Areas of expertise

Public Safety Sector Training

  • Firefighting, Security, Medical, Drone, Rural operations, Surface Extraction operations
  • Strategic and operational Risk and Emergency Management
  • Business continuity management
  • Policy and Procedure development/implementation
  • Security risk management
  • Security Services – Training, Development & Placement
  • Medical Services – Training, Development & Placement
  • Maritime and Aviation operations and security – Training, Development
  • Leadership development
  • Firefighting – Recruit training
  • Firefighting – Leader development
  • Management strategic plans
  • Standard Operating Procedures – development and issue
  • Aviation Fire Fighting Service
  • Contingency plans
  • Industrial contingency plans
  • Emergency Security Officer – Training, Development & Placement
  • Emergency Rescue Team – Training & Development
  • Drone Operations – Training, Sales & Footage editing
  • Drug and Alcohol Screening Courses
  • Occupational 4wd Training & Courses

Communication Training & Project involvement – AirServices Australia

National Fire Control Centre Upgrade

The Aviation Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) service (Australia) has upgraded the fire control centre systems used at all 21 ARFF fire stations across Australia. This has involved modernising the current crash alarm, telephone and intercoms, local area network, incident management system, dispatch system, communications and fire alarm systems.

The new system is a new fully integrated solution capable of meeting the Aviation Rescue and Fire Fighting services’ requirements for many years to come.

The new system is robust and can be easy deployed into all future fire stations.

The Goal

To prepare the training material, deliver the training, officiate at assessments and update the training records, manuals and procedures for staff being trained on the equipment being upgraded as part of the fire control centre upgrade project.

The training courses are:

1. Fire control centre operator training for operators
2. Fire control centre appreciation training for administrators and managers

Specific Tasks required:

  • Prepare training material suitable for instructor lead presentation
  • Assist with the Set up the web based training package
  • Assist with the Set up the training simulator
  • Prepare training material suitable for web based computer lead presentation
  • Train the local trainers to present the same training to new staff
  • Prepare handouts and supplementary course material
  • Prepare assessments
  • Officiate at assessments
  • Record training assessment results
  • Assist with the Review all documented procedures and update each using the Request for Change process, prior to each site going live