Aviation Industry Services

Our specialist Aviation division, of Risk & Emergency has provided recognised expertise in all aspects of Airport Planning, Design, Operations and Management.

The Risk & Emergency Alliance  has comprehensive experience in the full array of business challenges facing the aviation sector. Serving the airline industry for over 75 years, our experts have developed unrivaled practical experience which we bring forth to provide the best solutions to our clients.

With our depth and breadth of aviation industry experience, we assist clients in maximizingthe value of their operating model, realizing growth ambitions, and gaining insights that translate into sustainable competitive advantages.

The strength of our business lies in our focus on, and expertise in relation to airports. Our unique blend of industry experience and breadth of capability and professionalism allows us to provide outstanding technical and business solutions at any stage of a project, from inception to operation.

Our services encompass all elements of the modern airport including: airfield and terminal facilities, surrounding airspace, surface access and related commercial developments. Our team has extensive experience with airports of all sizes across Australia as well as within Asia-Pacific, and yet can provide worldwide.

We  assist airport owners and operators, airlines, government agencies, property developers, construction companies and other consultants with our wide range of specialist airport and aviation related consultancy services.

We are aligned with the best independently owned aviation consultancy in the aviation market.

Our philosophy places client needs as our first priority – delivering services in a way that builds long-term successful relationships.

When you absolutely need the best, be assured that we continually seek to raise the standard in aviation advisory services.

The Risk & Emergency aviation consulting firm provides facilities and operations planning, environmental planning, and financial planning services to airport owners and operators, airlines, and federal and state aviation-related agencies. We provide technical consulting and project management services relating to airport facilities planning, airport master planning, financial analyses, environmental planning, financial and site feasibility studies, airfield and airspace analyses, and airport development programs, either on a project basis or as part of on-call consulting services.

Overview of Our Aviation Services

Our superior and personal expertise in understanding airport customers, both passengers and airlines, helps our clients develop strategies that grow the value of the system, rather than simply redistributing wealth among the existing participants. We leverage our corporate strategy expertise to help airports and their owners with transactions, privatizations, organizational structure, portfolio strategy and business planning.

In the Aviation Industry internationally Risk & Emergency specialises in:

  • management
  • systems
  • processes
  • training
  • advisory
  • standards
  • consultancy

Providing the Following Aviation Services

  • CASA consultancy services
  • ICAO advisory services
  • Management Systems
  • Fire & Rescue Response
  • Risk Management
  • Communication Systems
  • and related Public Safety advisory services i.e. public parking etc

Risk & Emergency is a trusted international provider of a large range of specialist services for the Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) industry, we have over 30 years’ experience in shift, management, training and training centre practices. We specialise in ARFF regeneration and resurgence programs including;

  • Recruitment
  • Recruit Course
  • Firefighter Training
  • Fire Officer Development & Training
  • Managerial & leadership mentoring

Plus other Aviation Services We Offer

  • Project management
  • Risk modelling
  • ARFF Safety Management Systems
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Development of World class, industry specific and dynamic competency-based training programs
  • Industry specific leadership programs
  • Command, Control and Communication systems design, development and integration
  • Procedure development & contingency planning
  • AEP exercise development and facilitation
  • Water Rescue & Difficult Terrain preparedness
  • ICAO and local authority regulatory compliance
  • Strategic business planning and future-proofing
  • Business case development
  • Workforce Planning

R&E; staff draw from over 30 years of a wide range of industry experience in ARFF operations, project management, training facilitation and program development, IT and systems design and ARFF senior management… We are the leaders in ARFF training and development.

As a company Risk & Emergency have provided to the Aviation industry worldwide for over 10 years, we continue to provide services for some of the leading ARFF providers in the world including Australia, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia and Fiji….