R&E;`S Workplace Emergency Response Preparedness

We offer an active and engaging experience, delivering training in-person or via our eLearning 365 24/7 Campus or a blend of both.

Designed and delivered by highly experienced and qualified subject matter experts, our programs are designed to prepare your occupants for the different types of emergencies, and to equip them with the underpinning knowledge and skills to respond safely and effectively.

We offer these in accredited initial training and/or refresher training.

Chief Warden, Warden Training

Ensure your Chief Wardens, Wardens or Emergency Coordinators are well prepared to take control and coordinate all aspects of workplace emergency response procedures, resulting in the safe and efficient evacuation of building occupants. Ensure you are workplace compliant.

Emergency Planning Committee (EPC)

Risk and Emergency can organise, facilitate or run your required annual EPC meetings, assist with emergency planning initiatives and record meetings for compliance purposes. Additionally, we can personally train EPC members on their role, responsibilities and response expectations as per the Australian Standard AS 3745-2010: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities.

Evacuation Exercise

An Evacuation Exercise is required annually by legislated Australian Standard AS 3745-2010: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities. R&E; can administer fire and evacuation training, ensuring all your staff are properly trained, plus staff are confident in evacuating the building quickly and safely.

Fire Safety Advisor Training

This program is designed for people who have been appointed as the Fire Safety Advisor on a QLD site. We provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed to carry out their responsibilities in accordance with the QLD Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008.

Manage Facility Emergency Response Teams

This training covers the skills and knowledge required to manage a facility emergency response team assigned to control workplace emergencies in their early stages prior to the arrival of the emergency services and/or specialist response team. It includes establishing and maintaining emergency response teams, providing information and developing procedures, making recommendations for the provision of emergency equipment and managing its maintenance, arranging training for emergency response teams and monitoring and reporting on emergency response teams.

Depending on the size and structure of the facility management of the emergency may involve more than one facility emergency response team over more than one physical location, as specified in the emergency management plan.

The unit has been developed to cover the facilities as considered in Australian Standard (AS) 3745 or AS4083. For this unit, as covered by AS3745 and/or AS4083, occupants are people attending a facility on a permanent or temporary basis such as an employee, contractor, student or resident, but not a visitor or patient and a facility is a building, structure or workplace that is, or may be, occupied by people (occupants).

All aspects of the unit must be undertaken in accordance with legislative requirements, organisational policies and procedures, and accepted safe practices. It applies to members of an Emergency Planning Committee (EPC).

Bush Fire Preparedness Training

Bush Fire Preparedness training is suitable for those who live and or work in and around residential situations in, or near, bush fire prone areas. The program covers prevention measures, fire awareness, housekeeping practices and emergency response procedures.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Be prepared with effective classroom and hands-on training

Give your workers and work mates the skills to deal with small workplace fires quickly and safely with our fire extinguisher training. Knowing how to properly use a portable fire extinguisher to tackle a fire in its early stages saves lives and limits property damage, it also helps you meet your duty of care. R&E;`s fire extinguisher training course will equip your people with the practical experience and knowledge to use fire extinguishers and fire equipment on small workplace fires before they get out of control. We offer the theory as face-to-face or as elearning, then a face to face practical component.

Training Outline

Delivered onsite for your convenience, our fire extinguisher safety training will cover:

  • Different types of fire
  • Types of portable fire-fighting equipment found in the workplace
  • How to use equipment effectively
  • Safety procedure