eTrackr – The eLearning Management Platform

Welcome to Risk and Emergency’s overview of our refresher training process… eTrackr.

Keeping better tabs on your staff’s refresher training.

Our refresher courses are located on our eCampus, where the all-important underpinning knowledge on a multitude of subjects is shared via our eLearning courses; however, we are also providing our clients with an extra, optional register of refresher training; it is called eTrackr.

It is widely accepted that the workplace needs regular training and exercises to keep skills fresh and maintain capability in order to assure regulatory compliance.

The best organisations use a systematic approach to refresher training, backed up by an attempt at accurate record keeping, which facilitates monitoring, forecasting, and scheduling training sessions.

This all-encompassing approach ensures competency maintenance not just at the individual level but also at the shift, site, and organisational level.

Organisations need to know there is a consistent level of worker capability in place across the full range of shift teams. If you can demonstrate a systematic auditable approach to training and competence assurance, then this goes a considerable distance towards regulatory compliance with this aspect; as an example, ISO9001.

Knowledge & Skills Wither

We recommend organisations implement a regular training programme across their staff, in a multiple of positions, including a sites emergency response team, you can achieve this by keeping knowledge and skills fresh and provide a good level of competency assurance.

Regular refresher training helps to maintain familiarity with the core processes and common knowledge and actions required.. Without regular refresher training, competence reduces over time because the skills are not exercised or updated. In high risk activities and occupations, the level of preparedness for recognising, handling or addressing situations goes down without adequate maintenance to underpinning knowledge and underpinning skills. This is where our systematic approach to refresher training comes into its own.

eTrackr is our record-keeping and forecasting system indicates when refresher training is due, prompts action to schedule refresher training and therefore prevents skills fade. Managing the training programme in this way assures the competency of your workplaces staff and a consistently effective worker.

I see, I hear, I do

We deliver high quality training using tried and tested techniques alongside innovative methods, in order to get the best value from our time with your people. And we use a range of training delivery approaches to accommodate each workers time, availability and learning pace.

Our eCampus that houses the eLearning accredited and refresher training relies on the four principles of learning – Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, and Kinaesthetic (hands-on). By using this widely accepted model we make sure our training approach caters for everyone, anytime, anywhere and 365 24/7.

We have developed remote methods for training and assessment, coupled with remote mentoring for the development of key roles. This facilitates accelerated learning and makes the best use of technology and advanced learning practices.

The blend of theory sessions and practical exercises that form the core of our eLearning training programmes are designed and delivered with these learning principles in mind, thus ensuring maximum engagement and value.

Transfer Information and skills

The transfer of information and experience to develop knowledge, skills and behavioural response patterns. It is most effective to train less intensely but more often, easily increasing basic skills and competence. This means regular training for your workers to keep their skills fresh and maintain a good level of capability. Importantly, we also ensure that the practical training aspects recommended in our checklists closely replicates the actual working environment and or job requirements.

This type of high-fidelity training maximises information and skills transfer and therefore value for money and a return on investment. We use a range of practical exercises based on the relevant organisational and positions context and capabilities based on the on-the-job requirements.

Management and their requirements

Organisations want to know that training programmes deliver value for money and a return on investment. If you require, our eTrackr will both email you the manager and yet also the employee letting you both, that is falling behind or not staying on track. You as the manager can receive these forewarns as an `amber alert` ten days before he or she expires, and then again a `red alert` 5 days out. This feature allows the system to ensure current competency is maintained – via monitoring and reporting.

Current reporting systems rely on a stream of manually collected reports that follow a series of line-managers; they take time to get to the business and they can be manipulated along the journey. eTrackr allows immediate access to current, up-to-date and unadulterated information on the person, the crew or team, the site and the business as a whole in their commitment to the refresher training requirements.

Minutes before any meeting a manager with access to eTrackr can print pie charts, graphs, column charts and personal information on the where-abouts to everyone in the register.

What makes the difference; we do

Risk and Emergency have drawn together a crack team of specialists who have extensive collective experience, coming from multiple industries, the emergency response services, high-risk and safety workplace backgrounds, yet and health & safety educations; we come together to develop and deliver a competency-based training framework with identified performance deliverables to measure effectiveness and assure competence to the Australian Skills Quality Authority framework, WorkSafe Australian and Australian/New Zealand standards.

This pool of experts is ready to provide direct support, both remotely and in person, to reinforce capacity and mentor your existing capability. Our team of experts is ready to stand alongside your key workplace people and/or emergency response personnel.

We have the following courses available in eLearning…

Workplace Safety such as:

First Aid and CPR
Fire extinguisher and Fire Warden
Manual Handling
Workplace High-Risk such as:

Low Voltage Rescue
Working Safely at Heights
Enter and Work in a Confined Space
Workplace Safety such as:

Certificate II and III Fire Operations
Certificate III Mines recue
Certificate IV Mines Rescue Supervision and Coordination