Remote Airport Aircraft Rescue Response Course

Training for ESO & ERT Respond to aviation incidents (general, non-specialists)


Remote mine site emergency response capability & training designed for Mine ERT.

Case study:

Aviation Review.


Remote, fly in – fly out mining operation required an evaluation of their emergency response capability to deal with aircraft accidents or incidents.


Provided an aviation specialist to visit the mine to conduct an evaluation of emergency equipment available and assess the type of capacity building required to deliver an effective emergency response solution.


A timely assessment was made of the emergency equipment and Emergency Response Group capability. Recommendations were made for competency and resource requirements to develop the required emergency response capacity.


Aviation firefighting, specialised training and assessment for key individuals and other personnel for a variety of aviation specialised tasks.


The aim of this course is to provide a forum to facilitate the skills and competency to respond to an aviation incident, under supervision, as a member of a non-specialist team.


The course focuses on emergency response in an aviation context, and does not factor time for training or attainment in pre-requisite knowledge and skills. If the pre-requisite knowledge and skills are not demonstrated to the standard specified for the units, a skills development plan will be recommended to provide the participants the opportunity to attain competency.

This is program consists of:

Unit/s of Competence: Respond to aviation incidents (general, non-specialists)
Aligned to: Work safely around aircraft (section 1)