ERT / ESO Contract & Tendering

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We originated the idea, proposal, and work and carried out the innovative research for the need for Fire & rescue coverage to a Coal Seam Gas (CSG) business.

The first CSG Fire & Rescue placement in the Southern hemisphere: once fully deployed the contractor will also be the largest privately owned Fire & Rescue provider in the Southern Hemisphere.

This eventuated and brought about a `Three year privately owned Fire & Rescue contract` to mitigate all risks and hazards brought to the remote region by a CSG company.

This process entailed:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Snapshot Analysis
  • Business Plan
  • Engagement & Presentations to management for acceptance
  • Tender – technical advice on all models, systems, equipment, vehicles, manning, rostering
  • Tendering process
  • Business Comms Plan
  • Deployment Process
  • Ongoing Audits of contractor conducted on behalf of the business – against KPI`s

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