Risk and Emergency eLearning – Overview & Introduction

Risk and Emergency is a Specialists eLearning Provider

Risk and Emergency is a specialists eLearning provider, we are the largest and most experienced provider in the Southern Hemisphere; with experiences and expertise across:

  • Workplace Safety
  • Workplace High-Risk
  • Urban Firefighting
  • Aviation Firefighting
  • Industrial Firefighting
  • Mines Rescue Firefighting
  • Institute of Fire Engineers

Our eLearning online training intent has three specific applications to an organisation:

  1. Initial underpinning knowledge transfer and training, prior to us doing the on-site face to face practical training & assessment.
  2. Initial underpinning knowledge transfer and training, prior to your site doing the practical training & assessment.
  3. Provides an easily accessible, consistent in content and thorough library for on-going `skills maintenance` for already qualified staff – most professional organisations recognise and ensure all trained staff MUST revisit their qualification and all unit content within 90 days. This comes with our Managerial tracker dashboard – eTrackr.

Our eLearning learning and assessment ….

  • improves learning, retention and opportunity to learn again or replay
  • has measurable validity and reliability
  • matches the learning outcomes and content of the course requirements
  • Is free from human bias and is fair and equal to all
  • has transparency along with immediate feedback, and re-test options

Specific eLearning Specialities:

– Cert II and III Fire Operations (with multiple fire and rescue subjects possible)

– Cert III Mine Rescue (with multiple fire and rescue subjects possible)

– Cert IV Mine Rescue Supervision Coordination

– Working Safely at Heights

– CPR and First Aid

– Low Voltage Rescue

– Enter and Work in Confined Space

– Fire Extinguisher and Fire Warden

– Manual Handling

– Plus far more

Our unique and innovating system raises the standards of delivery and safety components via providing the true intent and content of the underpinning knowledge intended across all subjects – all students deserve to learn at their own pace; rather being dictated to by the training providers allocated time or based on price.

Don’t support the race to the bottom; where providers are conducting short and nasty courses.

Risk and Emergency`s eLearning experience increases participation, boosts your reputation, and retains students so that they reach the program’s outcomes.

Accredited Training

Our Registered Training Providers are the best in what they do – they understand and support the fact that eLearning cannot be beaten in the detail and student experience it provides.

Carryout your eLearning requirements, then submit your Certificates of Successful Completion to our RTOs (RTO NO. 45251 and 5722) and book your practical component.

You and your team can do all of the theory in these subjects via eLearning – then the face to face is at half the normal time as it involves only practical aspects… all accredited. This is in half the time and intrinsic costs.

Units of Competency currently available in eLearning

Prepare, maintain and test response equipment
Respond to urban fire
Operate breathing apparatus open circuit
Suppress urban fire
Provide first aid
Employ personal protection at a hazardous materials incident
Operate pumps
Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures
Render hazardous materials incidents safe
Undertake vertical rescue
Drive vehicles under operational conditions
Maintain safety at an incident scene
Comply with site work processes/procedures
Undertake road crash rescue
Undertake confined space rescue
Respond to Aviation Incident Specialist
Respond to Aviation Incident General
Respond to Wildfire
Suppress Wildfire
Conduct Fire Team Operations
Drive Vehicles Under Operational Conditions
Lead a Crew
Participate in A Rescue Operation
Navigate to An Incident
Respond to Isolated Structure Fire
Communicate in The Workplace (fire sector)
Check installed fire safety systems
Low Voltage Rescue c/w CPR
Provide first aid
Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Manual Handling
Work Safely at Heights
Working and enter a confine space
Work in a Team
Identify, detect and monitor hazardous materials at an incident
Operate Communications systems and equipment
Prepare equipment for emergency response
Work as a Safety Observer/Spotter
Provide Advanced Resuscitation
Apply risk management processes
Work effectively in a public safety organisation
Provide support for rescue operations
Respond to Work Site Incidents
Control emergencies and critical situations
Identify, detect and monitor hazardous materials at an incident
Communicate in the Workplace (mine/workplace sector)
Control emergencies and critical situations
Communicate in the Workplace (mine/workplace sector)
Respond to local emergencies and incidents
Respond to work site incidents
Apply risk management processes

RII41319 Certificate IV in Emergency Response Coordination (ESO crew supervision) consisting of the following units of competency:

  • Provide advanced first aid
    • Apply site risk management system
    • Demonstrate leadership in the workplace
  • Lead Rescue Teams
    • Manage and evaluate emergency management exercises
    • Protect and preserve incident scene
    • Operate communications systems and equipment
    • Conduct briefings and debriefings
    • Provide support for rescue operations
    • Provide support for rescue operations

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