Survey Results on eLearning and Why We Make The Difference

While others claim to be the best, boast to be the experts of industry – we focus on each and every client’s needs, therefore we are `industry best practise`.

We may not be the cheapest, but we know our industry better than our opposition; they can beat us on price but not on product or real-world knowledge and application.

Our clients are more professional, well-informed, and come with a high sense of commercial respect; they are often not looking for a cheap solution knowing that comes with consequence, more-so want quality support, sound advice and first-rate service.

Some spend their time on the words `expertise and professionalism`, we get on with living them. We show, rather tell.

Our eLearning customers and students are informed, they seek knowledge and understanding; our system is designed for the true professional. The type that wants to live to the `why` they want the proficiency, the capability, the qualification; our eLearning methology is not intended, nor planned for tick and flick, rushed or swift intentions.

The true professional will enjoy the process, the engagement, the paced and colourful process, along with the subject matter being delivered in its full glory and complete intent.

Ask yourself, `cheap` over `quality`? `Tick and Flick` over `Fitting`? And `qualification` over, `proficiency, capability and qualification`?