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World-class CASA-approved certification, consulting and training

Our providers are CASA certified, specialising in drone training and dedicated to providing aviation expertise to Australian Business. We describe ourselves as “your partner in aviation” and our motto “facilitating flight” describes our commitment to ensuring any aviation activity can be made straight forward and stress free for our partners

Our trainers at Total R&E; are licensed private pilots as well as CAQSA certified UAV controllers.

Whether you are about to purchase your first drone or wish to get better at Aerial Photography or Cinematography our recreational course will ensure that you get the most from your UAV and have a safe flight experience.

To pilot a drone or any other type of unmanned aerial vehicle for commercial gain in Australia you must obtain a UAV Controller Certificate, issued by CASA, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Total Risk & Emergency will get you started by providing you with all the training and industry know-how.

Whether you’re in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria or South Australia, Wherever you are – we can help your business get airborne!

RPAS Training for Operating Remotely Piloted Drones

RPAS Training to equip you with the CASA certification you need

Risk & Emergency trains remotely operated aircraft pilots in UAV aviation to the highest standard of safety and operational skill. We use competency based training by our qualified Aircraft Pilots who hold a Private License; our CBT system means we support you until you can conduct flight planning and pilot your remote control UAV confidently for commercial work.

As instructors who still fly regularly in the manned aviation industry, we bring the experience and safety culture of the manned aviation sector to your training. We aren’t satisfied unless you can master UAV flying with compliance and safety. We promote commercial drone training to a standard where you are comfortable with UAV use in shared airspace with manned aircraft using aviation radio communications. Our RPAS training courses are continually evolving to take into account new UAV regulations, drones for commercial use and UAV requirements for business.

RPAS Training and certification via Aviassist is your entry into the commercial drone industry

For most people commercial drone training and obtaining a commercial drone licence is an essential step to enter the world of commercial drones. Certification allows you to fly a UAV up to 25kg and gain endorsements for a range of aircraft types. Importantly the training and certification is recognised by insurers, which allows you to conduct UAV flying without voiding your business’s public liability insurance.

Which aircraft type endorsement is right for you?

Three different aircraft types are used for commercial drone work; Multirotors, Fixed Wing and Helicopters. Each of these aircraft types requires a separate endorsement. A single endorsement is provided as part of a standard Level 1 Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) course and additional endorsements may be added to your course or completed later when needed. The endorsement covers use of the aircraft type and is independent of the type of sensor that may be used for drone photography, drone mapping or drone surveying.

This table shows what aircraft types are in common use for different commercial drone applications.