For Sale – Industry Documents Created & Contextualised For Your Business

Our informed, expertise and up-to-date range of documents, systems, and products encompasses – Community, Municipal, Aviation, Marine, Resource, Transport, Military, Rail, Mining, Construction, and Medical, Training, Public Safety and Remote situations.

We offer a unified, experienced, specialised service and unrivalled consultancy, along with sound documents and systems, delivered by some of Australasia’s leading resilience specialists.

Review and development of quality management systems

  • Quality audits
  • Governance and compliance assurance
  • Designing and delivering exercises
  • Risk assessments
  • Plan and policy development
  • Training continuums
  • Managing continuity and crisis risk
  • Breaking down silos and building integrated solutions
  • Continual improvement processes.
  • Crisis communications
  • Crisis leadership
  • Critical decision-making
  • Contingency planning
  • Emergency management Business continuity
  • Security risk management
  • Health and safety management
  • Risk management Quality management systems
  • Audit and assurance Crisis
  • Occupational Healthcare
  • Emergency Medical response
  • Aero Medical Evacuation
  • Occupational Health Vaccination Programs
  • Workplace Health & Safety Consultations
  • Onsite Customised Health Solutions
  • Medical Equipment & Vehicle – Rental and Sales
  • Risk Assessment
  • Snapshot Analysis
  • Business Plan

Tendering & Biding

  • Engagement & Presentations to management for acceptance
  • Tender – technical advice on all models, systems, equipment, vehicles, manning, rostering
  • Tendering process
  • Business Comms Plan
  • Deployment Process

Mining ERT / ESO & Fire Service

  • Fire Department & Emergency Rescue Team / Emergency Security Officer
  • Manning, Replacement
  • Rosters
  • Tenders for Resource Industry
  • Tender Bid for suppliers


  • ERT & Fire Service Safe Working methods
  • Smoking in the Workplace Policy and Strategies
  • ERT & Firefighters Training Manuals (designed around our vehicles, equipment and processes- one standard to abide by)
  • ERT Training Schedule – skills maintenance program
  • Station Routines
  • Toolbox talks: on Fire Safety at work and in the home (assists HSE)
  • Children’s Activity Books – Themed: fire safety in the home with your company’s name and logo on it
  • ERT Rosters
  • ERT Vehicle & Equipment Schedule – Vehicle & Equipment maintenance program
  • ERT & Firefighters Study Manuals (be reassured the team are up to speed with underpinning knowledge)
  • ERT & Fire Service Hot Fire Training Plans
  • ERT & Fire Service Recruitment Strategies (Inc. local and Indigenous)
  • ERT & Fire Service Standard Operating Procedures