26 years experience has put our senior trainer in good stead to prepare eighty (80 of) exam type questions.

It took weeks to double guess what will be asked of you when sitting a `Respond to Urban` or `Fire Teams`  assessment papers. Subjects that entails firefighting techniques, Ventilation, Overhaul & Salvage operations along with fire firefighter knowledge in regards to buildings. His effort s will give you insight and an edge on subject matter and questioning technique utilised.


  • Firefighting Techniques
  • Building Structures
  • Firefighting Equipment
  • Ventilation
  • Overhaul and Salvage 0perations

But wait, Oh yes there’s more; completely free of charge we give you another ninety (90) questions to test yourself with. Why only wade through the numerous books, handouts and volumes of documents, when we have done the hard work for you. We studied, noted and designed test questions around content.


The use and application of these review papers  are only intended as an instrument, they are neither a prerequisite, nor guarantee of results, merely a tool in which can be utilised to review, study and learn in part, the various subjects taught within the Public Safety ‘respond to urban’ unit. This subject entails firefighting techniques, ventilation, overhaul & Salvage operations and fire firefighter knowledge in regards to buildings.

They each contain useful general information a recruit should know, the questions and subject matter are only random.

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