Indigenous Relationship & Business Advisory Services

Indigenous Relationship & Business Advisory Services

Risk & Emergency (R&E) support, promote and assist indigenous people & traditional landowners in business endeavors through recognising opportunity across empowerment and guidance. Australia, the Pacific and Worldwide.

We advise, counsel and guide mining, the resource industry and businesses in appreciating, recognising and apportioning commercial prospects and placement with indigenous people & traditional landowners.

R&E are experienced, skilled, well versed and extremely well connected for enabling and facilitating the development of indigenous communities to becoming autonomous and independent as commercial entities.

We specialise in brokering and placement:

  • Resource industry  & indigenous traditional landowner engagement
  • Indigenous Sourcing, Training & Placement
  • Indigenous Staffing & Mentoring
  • Strategic Project & Contract Planning
  • Joint Venture Sourcing & Contracts (service providers & indigenous)
  • Networking & Partnerships (service providers & indigenous)
  • Service Provider & Resource Industry indigenous engagement and negotiation